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Does the European Union cover the cost of every report of abuse in each country?

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Newtral, Spain

26 March 2019, Updated: 22 May 2019

The idea that the European Union covers the cost of each account of domestic abuse for every country is false.

In past months, policies implemented against domestic violence in Spain during the last decade have become some of the main talking points in the political discussion, particularly in the form of viral videos, messages and memes (link in Spanish). The question of whether the EU pays for each case of abuse has risen as funding for victims has been called into question in Spain as well as doubts over the real scale of the problem.

The idea that the European Union covers the cost of each account of domestic abuse for every country is false.

The European Commission has explained to Newtral that, when it comes to domestic abuse, its funding is directed towards its programme known as Rights, Equality and Citizenship which then distributes funds to the fight against violence involving children, adolescents and women.

The recipients of these funds are both public and private which “receive support for the implementation of both European and national projects”. These projects, the Commission continues, consist of training, studies, conferences and awareness campaigns to prevent and combat all forms of domestic abuse and to protect the victims of this violence”. The legal basis for this programme can be found in Article 5 of the ruling.

Therefore, the European Union finances projects with concrete objectives rather than registering individual cases.

Subsidies are granted through competitive calls for proposals, “based on the relevance and quality of the projects” say sources in the Commission. In this regard, article 12 of the ruling allows for the monitoring of these funds so that they do not finance any objectives other than those intended.

Other claims related to gender violence in Spain the (false) idea that false reports of domestic abuse affect “millions of Spaniards”, or that a man accused by a woman loses his presumption of innocence or can be convicted without evidence.

Translation by Alban Mills/ VoxEurop

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