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No, the agreement between Spain and Germany won’t bring “millions of illegal immigrants” to Spain


Maldita.es, Spain

16 March 2019, Updated: 17 March 2019

In August 2018, Maldita disproved a story that Spain was going to take in “all of Germany’s illegal immigrants” as part of that agreement signed that month between the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It was a hoax that, some six months later, is circulating again calling for support for Vox, the insurgent Spanish far-right party.

This was the message disproved by maldita.es:

‘VOX now more than ever…!!

Please, this message is very important. We are merely playing at being a country while becoming the dustbin of Europe. Thanks to an agreement ratified by both Merkel and Sánchez, we are going to take in, in exchange for a pittance, all of Germany’s illegal immigrants. Apparently, the French government, led by Macron, are about to sign the same agreement. This would mean that- in short- we would be invaded by five million illegal immigrants coming from the EU and Spain would become almost uninhabitable. All Spaniards must be made aware of these facts. The TV pundits, under the control of Podemos and the PSOE, all remain as quiet as mice. Pass on this message and save Spain.’

In the past six months, not one person has arrived in Spain as a result of this agreement. The Interior Minister confirmed this, saying that “German authorities have not given us any immigrants” since the pact came into effect.

The hoax said that this agreement would lead “millions of people” to come to Spain yet it is certain that, up until now, nobody has arrived. Absolutely nobody.

The government estimates that around 100 people per year will arrive as a result of the agreement

In August, the Presidency told Maldita.es that they estimated that around 100 people each year would come to Spain from Germany as a result of this pact. Nevertheless, as we said, nobody has arrived since it was signed.

The Interior Minister explained that this figure “was an estimation from the Presidency” owing to the lack of a concrete figure in the written agreement.

Therefore, since the agreement was ratified neither “millions of people” nor 100 asylum seekers each year have arrived in Spain from Germany.

The agreement does not specify the number of people that will come to Spain

On 17th August last year, Maldita.es submitted a Freedom of Information request to find out the details of the agreement or to send us a copy of the agreement itself. However, we did not get a response from the Interior Ministry until the Bureau of Transparency and Good Governance (Consejo de Transparencia y Buen Gobierno) lobbied for the document to be released after the research done by Maldita.es. The agreement covers many of the points that we reported on in August, such as that the cost of transferring these immigrants would be paid for by Germany, but not the specific number of asylum seekers that could be brought to Spain.

Sanchez’s “solidarity” agreement yields not even one arrival

During the press conference after the celebrated European Council summit in Brussels in June, Sanchez described the agreement as a show of “solidarity” and “responsibility” as Spain could empathise “with the situation that Germany is experiencing right now”.

The Prime Minister avoided giving a concrete figure. Almost six months after the ratification of this agreement between Spain and Germany, not one person has arrived.

Translated by Albie Mills

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