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Did the border control between Denmark and Germany helped seize any firearm?


TjekDet, Denmark

13 March 2019, Updated: 24 May 2019

The Danish government, led by centre-right party Venstre, pushed for control on the German border, citing “serious terror threat”. According to members of the opposition party, Radikale Venstre, this is all for nothing: “Zero firearms have been seized in three years of border control,” said Zenia Stampe in a popular Facebook post. Border control has actually seized two firearms at the border between Denmark and Germany. They just can’t shoot.

Zenia Stampe refers to a statistic from the National Police, which reports the number and types of weapons seized, between January 2016, when border control was first introduced, and the 26th of October 2018. It is true that in that period, no firearms have been seized.

But on Friday afternoon, the 9th of November – that is, two weeks after the police records stop – a car with Swedish plates rolls off the ferry in Rødbyhavn, a small harbour town facing a German island. The police find two knives in the boot and decide to do a thorough search of the car. They discover a rifle and a gun as well as ammunition for both, an article from Folketidende from the 13th of November reports.

And it is with reference to this article that many claim that Zenia Stampe is wrong.

However, the weapons were deactivated and were thus incapable of firing any shots. And a weapon must be capable of shooting, for the authorities to consider it a firearm.The weapons are currently undergoing forensic analysis. In order to determine whether the two weapons could possibly be made able to shoot again, the police have to wait for the results.

If the forensic technicians do not manage to reactivate the weapons so they again can fire shots, the weapons will not be considered as seized weapons, but rather as deactivated weapons – that is, firearms, which will never again be able to shoot.

Translation: Caroline Damgaard | VoxEurop

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