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There is no evidence that the European Union will force a binding referendum on Spain regarding Catalan independence if independence parties achieve 50% of seats in elections on 28th April.


Maldita.es, Spain

10 May 2019, Updated: 19 May 2019

There is no statement nor agency of the European Union that suggests that, should Catalan independence parties surpass 50% of seats in 28A (elections on 28th April), they would force a binding referendum on Spain.

The European Commission’s Spanish offices were contacted and they confirmed that these claims are false: “National elections are matters for Member States. EU institutions do not interfere in national electoral processes”. For the Commission, Catalonia “is an internal matter within Spain that should be treated in accordance with the rules of the Spanish constitution”. Fact-checkers at Verificat have already disproved the claim.

LATEST: The European Union will observe the results of this general election on 28th April. If independence parties surpass 50% of seats, it will intervene in negotiations to force a binding referendum and Spain will be powerless as UN Article 1.2 overrules all state constitutions. Therefore, all those who voted Yes on 1st October 2017 and/or ERC or Junts per Catalunya on 21st December of the same year should continue voting for independence in these elections.

This year there are three clear republican options:

Esquerra Repúblicana de Catalunya (Republican Left of Catalonia) – Main government party

Junts per Catalunya (Together for Catalonia)

Front Republicá (Republican Front)

We will not fail, if we are more than two million then we are more than 50%. On 28-A vote to be free”

This message has also been moving around on Facebook without prior checking. Take care with messages that alert you to situations with first being supported by a fact-checker. Here you can consult the documents being fact-checked by maldita.es ahead of 28A.

Translation: Albie Mills/ Vox Europ

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