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Is an European candidate for the French party LREM under police investigation?

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CheckNews, France

25 April 2019, Updated: 25 April 2019

In San Marino an investigation of “sham consultancy” is haunting the Italian politician Sandro Gozi, who is 22nd on the French LREM list in the European elections. He denies the allegations.

On 15 April the Italian press agency Ansa published a wire story, taken up by the Italian media, revealing that Sandro Gozi – former Europe minister in the Renzi government, member of the Democratic Party, and now 22nd on the French LREM list for the European elections – is under investigation for providing “sham consultancy” services worth € 220 000 to the Central Bank of San Marino.

Ansa notes that the investigation, led by the Republic of San Marino’s law commissioner Alberto Buriani, suspects Sandro Gozi and the central bank’s director of collaborating to push “the board of the Central Bank of San Marino to conclude a contract with Gozi for consulting work which turned out to be fictitious”. The investigation was launched following a complaint lodged in December, according to Italian media.

Sandro Gozi responded to the allegation in the Italian press: “Personally, I can state with certainty that I have not received information from the judiciary on this subject. It does not surprise me. The consulting service in question cannot be criticized as it is in my usual professional field and this assignment was given to me by the board of the Central Bank of San Marino while strictly respecting its procedures”. In his view the accusations aim to “discredit [him] after the announcement of his candidature. In any case I am untroubled because the integrity of my work protects me”.

Translated by Harry Bowden, VoxEurop

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