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In Germany, another fake CDU election poster in circulation


CORRECTIV Faktencheck, Germany

23 May 2019, Updated: 23 May 2019

In Germany, another fake CDU election poster in circulation

An image claimed to be a CDU election poster is being shared on social media. It shows a Muslim family, together with a slogan supposedly in the words of the Chancellor, Angela Merkel. This image is fake.

On 3 May the “Blickwinkel 90 Grad” Facebook page posted what looked like an election poster for the CDU. The image shows a Muslim family, along with an alleged quote from Angela Merkel: “Strengthen families. For a better Germany.” We have fact-checked it.

Capture d’écran 2019-05-23 à 16.58.38.jpg

The fake election poster has been shared on a number of platforms. (Screenshot: CORRECTIV)

A reverse Google Image search shows that the image has also been shared on Twitter and Instagram. We were unable to find any official CDU source for it, so we asked the party’s Press Office.

A party spokesperson informed us that the alleged election poster does not come from the CDU and that the party has not used any election poster with this supposed quote from Angela Merkel. The design style of the alleged poster is also an old one from elections held in 2013 and 2014.

The family on the poster

Further search results enable us to trace the history of this photo. According to an NBC Chicago article dated 10 March 2017, the photo is of a family who were forced off a United Airlines plane and subsequently sued the airline for discrimination.

Capture d’écran 2019-05-23 à 16.59.52.jpg

According to an NBC Chicago article, the family were forced off the aircraft. (Screenshot CORRECTIV)

The poster is therefore a fake that combines an old CDU election poster design and a photo from an NBC article from 2017.

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